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Arham Purushakar Meditation

The name Arham Purushakar Meditation has myriad ideas linked to it, which become crystal clear only when we break it down to every syllable. In Prakrit, Arham refers to the epitome of positive characteristics, Pur means body and Ush refers to the soul which resides in the body, Akar is shape. Purushakar therefore means to ‘ignite the soul residing within the body’. This Meditation helps us awaken our inner self and ignite the full potential of our souls. It is also a healing meditation technique that combines colour, mantra and form therapies, striving to create a balance within one’s physical, karmic and luminous bodies. In Arham Purushakar Meditation, we do not ask practitioners to sit in a particular pose, maintain a mudra or chant a mantra. Meditation is inherently divine, and as unconditional as its practitioners. There are no conditions to be followed. It is not necessary that you do it on an empty stomach, or face east or south while practising it. At any point of time, the soul remains the same irrespective of the direction one is facing. A soul is a soul, and the Paramatma exists all the time. Meditation deals with one’s self— the Atma and the Paramatma, and time or place cannot be a deterrent. In other words, this meditation technique can be practised anywhere, any time! Moreover, the technique is simple and easy to follow. It suits people of all ages, from eight to 80, and beyond. Every person practising Arham Purushakar Meditation regularly can benefit from it, irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Since its inception in 2004, we have seen thousands of lives transformed by Arham Purushakar Meditation. We look forward to sharing more about it with you!
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