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Ignite Divinity : Purushakar Parakram Dhyan Sadhana

This book can cause a volcano of change within you. You hold in your hands the key to connecting with yourself. The techniques discussed here have been revived from ancient scriptures and brought to you in lucid, easy-to-follow form. Incorporating a holistic blend of colour, mantra and form, Purushakar Parakram Dhyan Sadhana will certainly assist in opening up your inner vision, thereby catalysing internal transformation, and leading you to divine self-realisation.

Learning outcome:

  • The goal is to reach a state of equanimity and tranquillity.
  • Heals the body, mind and soul.
  • Balance emotions.
  • Meditation is a medication with positive side effects.
  • Awakens inner self and ignites the full potential of the soul.
  • Absorbing the energies of the panch tattvas.
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